GEDCOM to dot
by Alex Bettarini

This CLI utility program accepts a GEDCOM files as an input parameter and produces a Graphviz "dot" file that can be used to generate a diagram (PNG, SVG, PDF, etc) like the following:


The input Gedcom database can be produced for example with popular applications like:


  • The individuals populating the genealogical tree are appropriately lined up horizontally according to their "generation".
  • Optionally each generation can be color coded with a different color.
  • Optionally the "date of birth" and "date of death" are displayed for each individual, if that information is included in the Gedcom file.
  • Family names are automatically converted to uppercase.


  • Binaries

    • Windows

      • version 3.1 (Jan 15, 2018)
      • built with Microsoft VS9 (2008)
      • tested on Windows XP
    • OS X

      • version 3.0 (Jan 13, 2018)
        • built with Xcode 8.2.1
        • tested on El Capitan
        • a GUI wrapper is available on the Apple Store
    • Linux

      • version 3.1 (Jan 14, 2018)
      • built with NetBeans and GCC 5.4.0
      • tested on Ubuntu 16.04
  • Sample GEDCOM input file -


If you like the program please make a Paypal donation to the email address that appears when you show the program version: g2d -V

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